Residential & Commercial Supply & Installation of Acoustic, Metal, and Specialty Ceilings

Malishchak Brothers, Inc. prides ourselves on producing a great finished product with as little supervision from the contractor as possible. We understand that your company has a job to do, and that is why we employ the best ceiling installers in the area. We have the ability to adapt to the job conditions as deviations occur from the blueprints and the project deadline still hangs in the balance. Our experience has taught us to react with quick and precise actions to simply get the job done from 100 to 1 million square feet. We work with acoustical ceiling manufacturers such as Armstrong and USG, and other leading manufacturer of acoustical ceiling materials for the construction and remodeling industries.  We are also a Clipso Certified Installer.

Residential Ceilings
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Acoustic Ceiling Systems
Metal/Grid Ceilings
Wood/Specialty Ceilings

Acoustic Ceilings

Acoustic ceilings are designed to improve sound quality and block noise transmission. The ceiling panels are fire-rated, and fully integrated for sound, air, and lighting control.

Metal/Grid Ceilings

Metal ceilings are durable, rust/odor resistant, and create a long-lasting contemporary look for any room. Metal ceiling tile is increasing in popularity due to its RIO (fire resistance, damp resistance, sound absorption, contamination resistance and scrub resistance). Metal ceiling tiles are the top of the line for both commercial and residential buyers looking for the very best in materials, performance and looks.

Grid ceilings are the perfect solution for any business or home owner who wants a clean, industrial-looking ceiling enhancing the building works. The space above the ceiling is easily accessible for repair and other works.

Wood/Specialty Ceilings

Wood ceilings are very stately and enhance the experience of a room with classic elegance and cozy appeal.